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2016 is your year to shine.

  • Offer better service to your clients at lower costs.
  • Provide better benefits to your clients.
  • Uncover our highly effective PPO layering system.
  • Obtain assistance with our multi-faceted carrier contacts.
  • Assist your clients with online enrollment management.
  • Provide participants with documentation such as plan documents, benefit forms, and employee handbooks.
  • Provide participants with on-demand, temporary ID cards

Let the power of The Open Solution™ powered by MBA transform your business.

As a medical benefits broker, how do you stand out in the sea of other professionals who sell the same product and offer the same services?

Customer service is important. Relationships are key. But WHAT IF.....

  • What if you had a product that blew the competition away on price? (We are talking about saving of 25% on their annual expenses.)
  • What if you included into the program a solution that eliminated the PPO network and annihilated the need for different plans for employers across state boundaries?
  • What if you were compensated for saving people money on their plan costs?
  • What if I told you the plan is available right now?

We invite you to join the ranks of those who offer The Open Solution™, powered by MBA Benefit Administrators.

Our plan has four pillars that differ from what is standard in the industry.

  1. There are no PPO networks or state limitations. Members can see any doctor they choose. Each company has one plan for their entire workforce, regardless if they are located in different states.
  2. We offer medical management for members with chronic illness, or in the event of a catastrophic event, to ensure quality care is received without egregious and inflationary costs.
  3. We pay claims out based on a revolutionary idea of referenced based pricing. Claims are satisfied by paying out the cost of doing business with a reasonable profit margin. (Rather than the old school way of paying an arbitrary discounted rate off the highly inflated retail prices for services.)
  4. In the event that balance billing occurs we offer court-tested, fiduciary protection.

On average first year plans REDUCE the cost for the employer by 25%!!!. In addition, across the board in 2015 ALL of our plans received a rate REDUCTION for their renewal. That is unheard of. Most companies expect to have a rate increase annually.

Take advantage of the tools we have created to help you share The Open Solution™ to your book of business.

  • Visit our website and download the free report, “"Are Healthcare Costs Crippling Your Organization’s Cash Flow?"
  • Click the Savings Estimate button to find out how much a specific business can expect to save on their medical benefit plan for the upcoming renewal.
  • Register to become a broker and take opportunity to enroll in our online course instruction, which includes videos and tutorials featuring Phyllis Merrill, MBA CEO and founder of The Open Solution.
  • Utilize pre-created marketing materials, including; email drip campaigns, social media images and communication pieces that you can use with you own customers.


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...with powerful health care and claims management systems to save them money.
We believe your investment in a health plan should be treated like any other aspect of your business, with upfront knowledge of the costs and all attempts to weed out waste. MBA saves employers more than nickels and dimes with many methods of management, including: Metrics Based Pricing: Why rejoice over a 30% discount on a claim that is 1000% too high? Metrics Based Pricing reduces claims to a “cost of service + reasonable margin” level by auditing claims for unfair markups and inaccurate or fraudulent billing. This results in an average $1500 per employee savings – AND WE DO IT WITHOUT RESTRICTIVE NETWORKS! Medical Management Services: Proven to reduce hospital admissions and the average length of stay. HealthSteps™: Wellness plans and initiatives that do make a difference in the overall health of your workforce and drive down health claims. Prescription Benefit Management: With an average reduction of 9.4%. Internet Prescription Bidding: Allowing employees to save up to 87%. Actuarial Projecting: The projection of benefit costs and savings is one of our underwriting core competencies. Go ahead – suggest benefit changes, add or drop a plan component, change eligibility: MBA will accurately determine the financial impact on the plan and offer suggestions to tweak the benefits to suit your objectives. We offer the facts then you call the shots.
We're neighbors you can talk to...
Where else can you get a direct line to a claims adjudicator, plan manager or even the President of the company? Only at MBA Benefit Administrators. We’re the big third party administrator for health plans with personal service that you can only wish others would provide. Like talking to a friend over a fence, we have that neighborly feel…but we provide world class advantages.
With “outside the box” flexibility in health plan administration…
Since 1987 MBA Benefit Administrators has successfully served large and small employers, public entities, associations, tribal nations, school districts, non-profit organizations and insurers. We have the capability to administer anything from single-plan 25-life groups to complex employee organizations with multiple medical, dental and vision benefits or employees in multiple states. We also provide a wide array of ancillary services such as COBRA and HIPAA administration and HSAs. When you discover:

  • The depth of our experience
  • The flexibility we offer in benefit design
  • Our commitment to technology to make your life easier
  • Our can-do attitude toward service


…we’re confident you too will see why MBA is a national leader in third party administrative healthcare benefits.

…and we prove real solutions do exist for escalating healthcare costs.
We’ve received national kudos for our multiple, proven strategies which reduce claims and plan costs without harmful benefit reductions for our clients’ employees. Proof of MBA’s effectiveness in this is in the numbers. Our clients see:

  • An immediate average reduction of up to 25% in maximum health plan costs the first year,
  • Flat renewals after that, and because of this and our commitment to impeccable service…
  • Our clients remain with us an average of 12 years…an unheard of accomplishment in the health insurance industry.
…and state-of-the-art technology for painless administration and integration of services, we make your life easier.
No one thinks about making your life easier and more efficient than MBA Benefit Administrators. Our technological investments are totally integrated across services so that employees and employers – with HIPAA-compliant and appropriate need-to-know safeguards – can view at a glance their standing for benefits, claims, plan reporting and other services. These advancements provide:

A Comprehensive On-Line Enrollment Wizard: Employee self-enrollment or HR department enrollment methods, including ancillary program enrollments and billings.

HR On-line Capabilities: View, adjust and approve on-line employee eligibilities; check claims status, print reports and plan documents all from one place.

Multiple Employee Access Channels: Employees can view on-line their claims status, eligibility and account balances of reimbursement plans such as HRA, HSA, Flex and Executive Reimbursement plans. In addition, we offer all employees our MBA App, where they can:

  • Carry a virtual ID card,
  • Check on the status of a claim,
  • Submit secure documentation to MBA,
  • Contact our support team,
  • …and more!

On-line Document Management: In one place view specific documents such as:

  • Plan Documents
  • Temporary ID Cards, and
  • Employee Communications and Forms

HSA Services Integration: MBA seamlessly integrates HSA plans with HealthEquity Services. Claims information is electronically transferred from MBA’s claims system to HealthEquity employee accounts. There is no need for paper claim filing or second-guessing the eligibility of expenses. Even employee eligibility is updated through MBA data feeds.

HRA Reimbursement Plans: MBA’s administration processes allow clients and their participants to rely on accurate and timely processing of reimbursements. Eligibility, billing and remittance of claims, integrated scanning and storage allow for real-time remote access.

Section 125 Flexible Spending Plans: MBA Benefit Administrators coordinates with employers to offer Section 125 Flexible Spending administration and help employees save money on medical expenses. Providing this benefit for your employees is like getting a 30% discount on Medical Premiums, uncovered medical expenses and dependent care.

COBRA Administration: MBA Benefit Administrators can handle all of your COBRA requirements. We will mail and track notifications, coordinate COBRA payments, receipts and reporting and ensure claims match “paid through” dates, plus give you on-line access to all activities.

At MBA employers are cared for too…
MBA goes the extra mile to ensure that as an employer your health plan does not complicate your life. We give you things like:

  • Business intelligence for advanced reporting and critical analysis of your plan’s performance, costs, payouts, claims analysis and large claims submitted for insurance.
  • Billing and Funding services integrated with enrollment, customized to your specifications and handled electronically.
  • Account balancing systems produce cost accounting reports and perform bank reconciliation activities, available for review at any time.
  • And the ability to review multiple reports regarding your plan; check registers, active employee reports, YTD recaps, claims reviews and lots more.