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Healthcare Savings Estimate

Take control of your medical benefit plan!

If you are ready to save money on your healthcare plan fill out the form to receive a free healthcare savings estimate.

See how you can:

  • • Improve quality of coverage.

  • • Increase your cash flow.

  • • Expect 24.8% decrease from previous plan year costs.

  • • Substantial reduction in hospital costs.

Freedom and Control

The Open Solution™ offered by MBA Benefit Administrators is a vital part of the answer to your health insurance challenges. Business owners and organizations are switching because of the savings, freedom and control they are gaining along with numerous other plan options. The Open Solution™ increases your cash flow, keeps your costs down and will help you to retain happy and healthy employees.

Reduces Spending

  • Many of our clients experience a REDUCTION in medical plan costs in their first year with small to no increases after that!
  • Open access to the physicians and facilities of your choice - no network limits.
  • Fair Claims Pricing – claims are audited and reduced for unfair markups .
  • Reduced stop-loss premiums that result in significant savings to your plan.

Increases Cash Flow

Are you looking for a solution to your healthcare coverage that doesn’t require losing your shirt on plan premiums to cover your employees, leaving you struggling with cash flow and wondering how you are going to keep up? Receive a free healthcare savings estimate today.

Savings Calculator

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