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About The Open Solution™

The Open Solution™ SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES claims costs and health insurance contributions for organizations with 50 or more employees.

Implementing The Open Solution™ enables your organization to retain cash flow and improve the financial health of your business. It’s time to stop the ever-tightening squeeze on your employees and your organization’s finances.

The Open Solution™ approach to reimbursing claims is based on pure transparency. You should be paying for medical goods and services in the same manner that your corporation buys everything else – with transparency and upfront knowledge of costs. Our methodology works and is being used successfully by corporations large and small, municipalities, school districts, tribal nations, unions and non profits.

Reduces Spending

  • Many of our clients experience plan cost reductions in the first year and stable renewals thereafter.
  • Open access to the physicians and facilities of your choice
  • Fair Claims Pricing – claims are audited and repriced for substantial savings. 
  • Reduced stop-loss premiums for significant savings to your plan
MBA Stars - Reduce Spending

The Plan Model

  • The Open Solution™ includes self-funding with stop-loss insurance for control and protection.
  • Add large discount auditing and re-pricing formulas for facilities and other high dollar claims and best in class network solutions for physicians and labs.
  • Medical management and ongoing support reduces the cost of care and helps to prevent emergencies for employees with chronic conditions.

Did you know that health premiums have risen 97% in the past ten years?

For most companies, medical costs are the second largest budgetary expense, next to payroll. That is more than advertising, production, inventory, research and development, building space. You name it. The cost for health insurance is also rising faster than salaries.

Are healthcare premiums squeezing your cash flow?

That nice cash cushion you created through hard work and innovation seems to be dripping through the cracks with regulations for a bigger plan with more benefits, and more participants. Less cash flow means leaner budgets, fewer staff members and more stress.

Are your employee’s checkbooks feeling the pinch?

With employees facing higher deductibles and co-pays, along with out-of-network surprise billings that cannot be managed, The Open Solution™ wraps your employees in the comfort of no out-of-network penalties or hassles.


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