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MBA Provides You With Unparalleled Service

Access your benefit plan documents, forms and additional resources - all in one place.

Resources for Participants

MBA Group Portal

Group Employee Portal

See your HR department for access to your company portal.



Claims Lookup on MBA’s Portal

View your plan document for your personal claims adjudication history, and to print your Explanation of Benefits. You will need to register for your login and password.

MBA Forms


General forms to assist you include forms for reimbursements, enrollment, changing your address, etc.

MBA Networks

Provider Networks

Lookup a participating provider in your area.




For quick access to our services, download our app. Here you can access all the same information as well as get a virtual ID card. customized for your company.

Pulse Portal Screenshot

Pulse Portal

Guide Services allows you to shop and compare pricing and consumer ratings for providers before you receive services.

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