The Proof is in the History

MBA’s clients have seen dramatic results! Here are just three examples of plans who have utilized MBA’s  The Open SolutionTM platform, which uses ELAP as one of its third party partners.

  • A North Carolina automotive business experienced a 60% savings on health insurance claims! They have not seen an increase in premiums since beginning on the plan. Hospital and health facilities have accepted dramatically reduced payments for services based on The Open Solution’s™ auditing and re-pricing formula.
  • One home furnishings company saved 40% on their plan in the first year of using The Open SolutionTM – Prior they paid $6 million dollars for benefits to their 1,800 employees. With their new plan, which includes ELAP’s audit and repricing structure they saved $2.5 million dollars. With 180 stores in five states, the company’s 1,800 employees are free of PPO network restrictions. Eliminating the burden of assembling a multi-state network has greatly simplified the health insurance plan and reduced costs. One medical bill came in at $140,000. MBA reduced the bill and satisfied the claim for a mere $12,000!!
  • A multi-State consumer finance company set aside $1,090,000 in their medical account. The plan was adopted over the skepticism of the insurance broker about The Open Solution’s™ approach to claims pricing. Since then, the company has been able to set aside $1,090,000 in their medical account, during the first two years on the plan, which would not have been possible previously.
Man doing ELAP accounting

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