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Self-Funded Insurance

Doctor showing patient test results

We're wondering whether, you'd like to …

  • Identify disease processes of participants before a medical event occurs.
  • Have a reliable measurement of disease progression or remediation.
  • Add Health Related Quality-of-Life Assessment results to predictive modeling.
  • Have a method of determining high-risk issues in a group for insurance renewal.

Did you know that one of the best ways to contain your health care costs is by measuring the health status of all your participants?

We conduct an individual health risk assessment with the help from the Center for Disease Control's Health related Quality of Life Survey (HRQOL,) in conjunction with other information such as; smoking status, lab results, prescription benefit manager history, medical claims history, tele-monitoring results, and access to care.

Results are given, sterilized, and HIPAA compliant, to the employer. You are then empowered with the knowledge and information necessary to take the steps to have a healthier population.

The information obtained from Health Fairs and assessments may be used by Critique to recommend programs that improve the over all health of your corporation. Individuals who quality for additional cost saving services can then be recommended for Chronic Care or Case Management.

With Critique, your Health Fair and on-sight Health Risk Assessment may be organized at your office or local hospital to gather information. Click here to learn more!

Ultimately these tools are used by case managers to prioritize the needs and care of the participants and to offer you the best data to make decisions for the health care of your group.

We'd like you to think of Critique as your partner when it comes to planning, managing and implementing your corporate wellness plan. Have questions or want more information? Please call us today at (800) 877-3727.