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Projecting benefit costs and savings is one of MBA’s underwriting core competencies. MBA accurately determines the financial impact for you, then offers suggestions to create a plan that best suits your objectives.

Carrier Connections

MBA is able to provide competitive quotes though our sources for re-insurance. The list of carriers we quote is usually industry specific, because not every carrier is competitive for every industry. MBA is currently approved with 24 carriers. And because we don’t have exclusive carrier arrangements, we can bring you the most competitive rates available in your industry.


Provided by Critique, PayorAdvantage allows MBA to get needed information to help reduce or mitigate your insurance liability. Using the information PayorAdvantage provides on high-risk or high-dollar claimants gives MBA stronger negotiating power at renewals to reduce your re-insurance premiums and avoid higher deductibles on certain individuals.

Health Utilization Management
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