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Group Medical Plan

MBA's objective is to provide you with successful plan administration. Our custom designed plans give you not only creative benefit design, but the latest technology, the deepest discounts available, the broadest networks, and specialty resources.


Reimbursement Plan Administration

To provide you with the most efficient benefits, MBA offers, Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)Executive Reimbursement Plans.

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Ancillary and Discount Plans

In addition to the many Third Party Administrator (TPA) and Agency services that MBA provides, we also offer  ancillary and discount plans such as, voluntary vision plans, voluntary dental plan, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) plans, short-term disability plans, long-term disability plans.



Healthy living is one important component to many that are included in an MBA self-funded medical benefit plan. The prevention of disease and obesity can mitigate emotional, physical and financial trauma for employees, and companies. In addition, receiving support and acting in compliance to medical professional's instructions - in the case of chronic disease and conditions creates a tremendous amount of success in long term health benefits. We have designed a comprehensive program that includes analysis, education, coaching, supplements, motivation and support. Activities, programs and events are geared towards helping individuals reach their potential on the level they are at, and encourage healthy, balanced living.

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Medical Management

We provide condition management to assist individuals with support along the way. Nurse case managers assist in managing the delivery of medical services during the acute phase of an illness or injury. We identify condition cases through information received from a patient, hospital, doctor, family member, client or payer. If a hospitalization is involved, contact is made with the hospital to confirm the hospitalization and to determine that the treatment plan is appropriate. Where advisable, the Nurse Case Manager may recommend further monitoring and intervention and offer assistance to prevent hospitalization from occurring or re-occurring. We assist employers, as well as individuals save money by preventing hospitalization.

Health Utilization Management
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