HSA Savings Despite the Rising Costs of Healthcare

Paying for health care has become increasingly complex and expensive. Medical care facilities raise their costs and insurances include more exceptions. The hoops are more and more difficult to jump through. What is covered and what is not covered seems to become more and more unclear. Network requirements dictate who you can see and where and when. HSAs bypass all of these headaches.

Specific Savings

  • Vision, Dental & Everything Else: HSA plans cover so much more than traditional plans! Not only are vision and dental included, but everything else, from chiropractors to condoms, from braille books to band aids.
  • Preventative Care: Preventative care is covered 100% by your insurance. You will never have to pay for vaccinations, screenings, or other preventative care.
  • Out-of-pocket Max: With many traditional health plans, even after you have reached your out-of-pocket maximum, you are still responsible for some expenses. With HSA insurance, we feel differently. When you have reached your max on an HSA plan, you will not pay for any additional medical expense, including copays and prescriptions.
  • Premiums: Premiums won’t bite you either. HSA plan premiums are incredibly small—after all, we want you to have more money to invest in your HSA!
  • Network Requirements: Although HSAs do have networks that can get you some discounts, your HSA is your money and you make the decisions about what doctors you see and when and where. You can use your HSA to fund any qualified medical expenses that you see fit.

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