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Will a Wellness Program Save Your Clients Money?

Recent health care reform has emphasized the importance of preventative employee wellness programs.  Many employers are hesitant to go forward because of costs, but we’ve seen an ROI as high as 7:1 through a premium differential based Wellness Program by HealthSteps, Powered by Critique. Here are a few other examples:

  • A manufacturer of personal protective equipment saw $109,647 in expected one-year medical claims reductions and a huge 5.5 ROI*.
  • A major retailer has seen some medical costs drop, and its three-year ROI is 1.26. If the retailer moves just 5 percent of employees from being “at risk” to “not at risk,” it saves $19,450.
  • An insurance company experienced a four-year ROI of 1.71 (year one), 1.66 (year two), 3.44 (year three) and 3.05 (year four).
  • A Denver-based wellness program vendor was recognized for its track record of success in helping companies generate an average ROI of 2 for their wellness budget through pursuing healthier lifestyles, including exercise, proper diet and weight loss.


This works well for self-insured as well as fully insured groups.  The proven record of lowering absenteeism, as wells as increasing productivity takes the questioning out.  It’s not IF they should implement a wellness program, but how.  Call today to see how we can assist you in getting a Wellness Program tailor made for your clients.

*Based on research by Thompson Publishing Group.  ROI numbers reflect a return of $X.XX for every $1 spent.

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