Wellness with HealthSteps


Health Information Analysis

We give you data from Heath Fairs and Health Risk Assessments to assist you in determining your current health status.

Health Coaching

A qualified health professional is available and may reach out to you to discuss your current health status and healthy living options.

Nutritional Supplements

Please consider the non-prescriptions health aids you are using and discuss them with your nurse and your doctor.


  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Interactive Nutrition and Exercise Tracking tools
  • Informative, Actionable Daily Health Messages
  • Newsletters
  • Electronic Health and Wellness Library
  • Incorporated links to external sources


  • Health Coach Access Electronically 7 Days a Week
  • Customized Health Action Plans
  • Fun, Engaging Wellness Campaigns and Challenges
  • Inspiring Goal Setting Techniques
  • Incentive Point Tracking and Fulfillment


  • Online Event Scheduler
  • Onsite Event Kick offs
  • Management Wellness Committees and Champions

Condition Management

Your health improvement is our primary focus. We strive to empower you to improve your quality of life, even when faced with health challenges that require medical condition management.


Support Solutions

Engage, Educate and Change Lives. HealthSteps is a simple, all inclusive way to promote good health and control costs. It’s fun that comes with a reward.

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