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Catastrophic Case Management

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Catastrophic illnesses or accidents comprise approximately 3% of all claims, while accounting for over 40% of all paid claims cost.  Health Steps engages Critique Inc. to rise to the challenge of cost containment through large case management.

Unfortunately catastrophic illnesses and injuries cannot always be avoided. However some unnecessary dollars that entities spend every year in response can be prevented.  Allow us to offer a hand in minimizing your corporation's costs and maximizing efforts to ensure the best care for your beneficiaries. While cost containment is the objective of Critique's Catastrophic Case Management, it is never at the expense of the patients well being, safety, and swift recovery.

Candidates may be identified for catastrophic case management through our assessment done by one of Critique, Inc's healthcare professional.

This process may involve a patient, a patient, an hospital, doctor, family member, client or payer.

  • We can determine whether a case is or could become catastrophic.
  • A nurse coordinator flags for prompt action by our medical case management team, a group of medical professionals.
  • Any action involved and carried out will immediately result in seeking confirmation that the treatment plan is appropriate for the diagnosis, therefore eliminating unnecessary costs to the entity.
  • A nurse coordinator's position is designed to assist in managing the delivery of medical services during the acute phase of the illness or injury.