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MBA Provides Innovative Program to Kick Aside Common Insurance Complaints

If you are a human resources professional, an insurance broker, or a business owner dealing with medical benefits, the audacious challenge of choosing and managing healthcare can seem a bit overwhelming, especially with the new ACA regulations.

At MBA we have been working as a third party administrator for over thirty years, and we are experienced in addressing the complaints of health coverage. Rather than being stuck in a take orders and manage complaints mode, we have stoked the fires of imagination to plan, collaborate and create the most innovative self funded insurance programs available on the market. We are happy to deliver a new approach to healthcare that transforms problems into a solutions, and members into raving fans. Have you heard any of the listed common health coverage complaints?

1. “We changed insurance programs and my favorite doctor is not on our plan.”

MBA gives you the option of unlimited access to healthcare providers. That means there are no network requirements; gone are the non-PPO penalties.  Go ahead and see the doctor or hospital of your choice!

2. “Another year is over and my premium has gone up, again.”

On average, our clients experienced a 10% decrease in premiums last year.  Our new plans include CostPlusTM, PayorAdvantageTM, OpenSolutionsTM, with fiduciary protection. Plus, average payments that MBA makes on behalf of its members are $0.4361 on the dollar for facilities (56.39% savings off billed,) and  $0.5268 on the dollar for non-facility. (47.32% savings.) Our system ensures that you are not a victim to inflated billing.

3. “My family has specific medical needs that are not covered by my employer’s plan.

I wish they could take into consideration our unique situation. ”

We customize an intelligent healthcare plan for your group.  We strategically meet regulations, while keeping coverage needs of your employees a top priority. MBA’s smart plan design is based on your group’s utilization. For instance, if you have diabetic conditions in your plan, let’s construct the plan so they can be compliant with their medications.

4. “Our insurance is archaic. It would be so much easier to manage prescriptions, claims, and membership online.”

All of our processes are completed online, including our Comprehensive Enrollment Wizard (CEW), prescription management and more!

We invite you to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to learn about how our new plans can benefit your bottom line while improving the medical care experience for those whose lives your decisions impact.

The only thing you have to lose is outrageous medical costs, increasing premiums, and the worry of being unprotected against balance billing and medical jargon. We are on your side and ready to advocate for you.

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