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Medical Management By Critique

Your company has insurance. So what’s the purpose of having medical management that works with your medical benefits plan? Take our quiz to learn more about Medical Management and how it saves companies big.


True or False: Having a medical management company work behind the scenes on your behalf costs less than working with an insurance company alone.

The answer is true.

At Critique, our purpose is to help contain costs of egregious medical claims. We do this by auditing the claims that come into the office, rather than just blindly paying for services rendered. We work in conjunction with medical providers to ensure that services rendered are the most cost effective ways to optimize the best possible physical results. MBA plans that incorporate medical management by Critique have reported a 34% cost savings compared to years without this feature. For a company of 100 employees, that is an average reduction of $150,000!

What is the purpose of medical management?

A: Control costs of medical services.
B: Be a patient advocate during times of hospitalization, disease treatment and chronic conditions.
C: Help maintain quality of life for members through nurse/patient/physician/facility accountability.
D: Work closely with medical providers to ensure that treatments are the most cost effective options while working towards the greatest possible physical outcomes.
E: All of the above.

The answer is E, all of the above.

Over the past decade the rise of medical care costs has risen dramatically in the United States. Growing PPO networks, rising insurance premiums, increase in chargemaster prices by the hospitals, and the inhibited ability for consumers to price shop have all been reasons for rising prices. Critique offers businesses with 50 or more employees the opportunity to take control of the financial burden of providing medical benefits to their employees. We have the triple benefit of having the insider knowledge about insurance plans including a systematic way to audit claims for outrageous charges, medical understanding with a team of nurses that can work with providers in managing conditions and treatments, all while working as a patient advocate for each member.

True or False: Having the PayorAdvantage in your corner, from Critique, gives members and employers the opportunity to save money, while maintaining a high quality of life.

The answer is true.

The extreme financial savings experienced by our members come in large part because of the PayorAdvantage that we have. Because of Critique’s certifications and compliance, we are privy to knowledge and experience that bridges the gap between medical industry regulation and your health care program and implementation. We have an insider’s view of medical activities and have systems in place that can save your organization time and money.

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