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HealthSteps Services

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Health Fairs

The goal of our Health fairs is to give you and your employees the tools and information you need to improve quality of life. We measure body composition, blood pressure, blood tests, health risk assessment and on-site counseling.

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Incentive Programs

Incentive plans give employers the freedom to choose whether their program will be voluntary or linked to medical plan premiums. Our on-line wellness portal will be used as the tool to record progress and earn points.


Wellness Counseling

HealthSteps by Critique brings the gift of health to corporations across the U.S.  Wellness Counseling is a proactive approach to minimizing claim cost and encouraging a healthier workplace.  The dollars invested in educating and challenging your company's individuals to improve their health is minuscule in comparison to the cost of illness and accident claims.

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Condition Management

Catastrophic illnesses or accidents comprise approximately 3% of all claims, while accounting for over 40% of all paid claims cost.  Health Steps engages Critique Inc. to rise to the challenge of cost containment through large case management.

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NurseMonitor for Compliance and Accountability

Critique's industry-leading NurseMonitor™ program monitors and manages patients with chronic medical conditions via its state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology. This assists chronically ill individuals, along with their Critique nurse, manage their ongoing healthcare needs, often times preventing hospital stays.

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Individual Health Risk Assessment

Did you know that one of the best ways to contain your health care costs is by measuring the health status of all your participants?

At Critique, we conduct an individual health risk assessment with the help from the Center for Disease Control's Health related Quality of Life Survey (HRQOL,) in conjunction with other information such as; smoking status, lab results, prescription benefit manager history, medical claims history, tele-monitoring results, and access to care.

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Nursing Services

With highly trained Nurses, we help our clients with Condition Management, Large Case Management, Maternity Management, Health Coaching, and Remote Monitoring of patients.

Health Utilization Management
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