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MBA's The Open Solution is an innovative medical benefit program that cuts costs

You can expect a 25% decrease from previous plan year costs

The Open Solution’s™ auditing and re-pricing formula provides greater savings than standard discounts. This increases your organization’s cash flow and stops the ever-tightening squeeze on your employees’ paychecks.

Open Networks

Because our plan doesn’t rely on forcing employees into networks to obtain dubious discounts, your employees are free to see any provider and use any facility. This allows people more freedom and control over their healthcare.

Chronic Conditions

Pro-active medical case management helps to prevent costly medical stays and procedures by utilizing nurse case managers throughout the continuum of care; preventative coaching, episode management and maintenance consulting.

Open Access

Easily solve multi-state issues by offering the same benefits to all employees throughout the US. Our plans are governed by ERISA, not the State. No network restrictions mean simpler administration and reduced costs.

“The only way to pay less for health care, is to pay less for health care.”

—Dr. James Robinson, Director of Health Policy, University of California Berkeley

Isn’t it time to take a different approach to your medical benefits?

One that empowers your organization to take control of your health care costs? Let The Open Solution™ work for you.

The Open Solution™ is the collaboration of three high-powered cost containment strategies. These proven approaches will substantially reduce the costs of providing health benefits to your employees. The plan gives organizations control over the price they pay for healthcare and employees the freedom to choose which providers and facilities to use.

The Open Solution™ SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES healthcare costs and health insurance premiums for organizations with 100 or more employees.

Implementing The Open Solution™ will enable your organization to retain cash flow and improve the financial health of your business. It’s time to stop the ever-tightening squeeze on your employees and your organization’s finances.

The Open Solution™ approach to reimbursing claims is based on pure transparency. This formula provides a substantial reduction in hospital costs.

You should be paying for medical goods and services in the same manner that your corporation buys everything else – with transparency and upfront knowledge of costs. Our methodology works and is being used successfully by corporations large and small, municipalities, school districts, tribal nations, unions and non profits.

mba-logo-tallPowered by MBA Benefit Administrators.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Our commitment is what transforms our promises into reality. It is our words that speak boldly of our intentions, and our actions which speak louder than words. It’s being on time when we promise. It’s coming through time after time, year after year after year.” And that is our commitment to you.

elap logoELAP

With transparent pricing, objective and fair reimbursements for medical providers and their support teams, ELAP works to reduce the cost of providing health insurance and medical care. These services are provided to groups such as businesses, schools, and municipalities, and their employees.

Actual Saving Because of TheOpenSolution™


Experienced a 60% Savings On Health Insurance Claims

Automotive Business in North Carolina – Has not seen an increase in premiums since beginning on the plan. Hospital and health facilities have accepted dramatically reduced payments for services based on The Open Solution’s™ auditing and re-pricing formula. They have experienced a 60% savings on claims.


Reduced dialysis treatment from $10,000 to $975

Texas Service Company – Dropped Blue Cross PPO and reduced premiums by 68%. Additional savings allowed the company to provide free vision, dental and life insurance and establish a free medical clinic on-site for employees and their dependents.


$1,349,949.49 Million Claim Was Re-priced at $187,277.33

NICU baby in UtahThe Open Solution™ saved one company from paying a $1.3 million dollar claim, using an auditing and re-pricing method. Their total payout was only $187,277.33, an 87% savings off of billed!

Contact Us

Learn more about how The Open Solution™ can work as the healthcare advocate for your organization. We provide medical case management, third party administration, fiduciary protection and  auditing and re-pricing services that bring your organization big savings. You are making a decision to contain your medical expenditures, and protect your financial interests while maintaining a high quality care for each and every plan member. You are not alone in the quest to provide necessary benefits and to navigate to pitfalls of the healthcare industry. We’re with you every step of the way!

Phone: 1-855-743-6070 (toll free)
1-801-743-6070 (local)
Mail: P.O. Box 57340
Salt Lake City, UT 84157-0340
Email: info@theopensolution.com

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