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By Sarah Johnson / August 3, 2015

Free Bonus Chapter “End your frustration and take control. These are your keys to success: no network requirements in the plan, state-of-the art auditing and re-pricing of claims based on the actual cost of the procedure, customized plans to fit your corporate character and experienced medical management to reduce and eliminate hospital claims. Whatever you…

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Phyllis Merrill Receives Award for Book Contribution

By Sarah Johnson / February 15, 2015

What is it about the material Phyllis Merrill contributed to Brian Tracy’s new book, “UNcommon: Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge from ​Today’s ​Leading ​Entrepreneurs and ​P​rofessionals to ​Help ​You ​L​ead an ​Extraordinary ​Life of ​Health, ​Wealth and ​Success” that is creating so much recognition? “Phyllis is driven and energetic and brings a different type of…

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