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Looming 2015 HealthCare Deadlines Prompts Swift Action

The Affordable Care Act was the brain child of President Obama, passed by Congress, and upheld by the Supreme Court. After modifications, provisions and set backs, all of those mysterious Obama Care regulations are transitioning from evening news headlines, to task lists and action items on the part of every medium to large business across the United States.


What does this mean for you?

If there are more than 50 full time or full time equivalent employees in your company, by January of 2015, you be required to meet the regulations of the ACA; providing medical insurance for all of your full time employees, or you will face financial penalties.

Here is the bottom line.

  • The required minimum benefits have increased. More benefits are being included in every plan, including things such as first dollar wellness benefits. , which means monthly premiums, are expected to increase dramatically.
  • The number of people who were previously denied medical insurance because of a pre-existing condition, are now on the same medical plans as everyone else. This influx of participants ultimately increases the expenses being paid out by insurance companies.
  • Young people, whose monthly premiums are supposed to counterbalance the cost of the healthcare coverage for everyone, are not signing up in the numbers that were expected, creating a deficiency in the budget, ultimately raising premium costs for everyone.
    The cost of healthcare is the second largest expense item, next to payroll for almost every company. Rising premiums are expected to easily out pace the cost of living.

What can you do?

Consider the options, costs and opportunities of healthcare coverage the same way that you would any other large expenditure for your company.

Most companies needing to purchase a large capitol expense item would spend hundreds of man hours researching, comparing, and planning for that purchase to make sure that the value of the chosen product would perform properly and produce a desirable output for the company. On the contrary, those same organizations often pass off major healthcare decisions to the HR department, or to briefly glance over coverage limits at the yearly renewal meeting, despite the fact that medical premiums and payouts are often the second largest line item in the annual budget, next to payroll.

Change can be uncomfortable. Often times a company likes their broker, they are okay with their medical benefits and know what to expect. But do you know what should be uncomfortable? Spending extra money, sometimes thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily on your healthcare expenses.

We invite you to see what MBA can do for your company’s medical coverage. Compliance with the new ACA regulations doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be restrictive. It doesn’t have to be a topic filled with anxiety or trepidation.

MBA offers an innovative product called The Open Solution™. Your employee’s medical care is not defined by PPO networks, they can choose any doctor for their care. You receive the benefits of a program known as CostPlus, where payouts have been shown to dramatically decrease. Plus, our client premiums have been dropping by as much as 10% compared to last year’s. Just imagine everyone else who is in a fear holding pattern waiting to see what the cost for medical coverage will rise to in 2015.

You have options. You have time, if you act quickly. Come learn about a new solution for your coverage needs. It won’t cost you a dime to learn more, but this one call could open up the means to save your company thousands upon thousands of dollars.

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