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Chronic Conditions Benefit From Medical Management

Are you ready to get real care and meaningful ongoing support for your employees to help manage chronic conditions and see BIG SAVINGS?  Our plan goes way beyond typical wellness programs.

Undoubtedly there are employees in your organization that have chronic health challenges that require regular care.  Chronic conditions can be costly – just 4% of claims exceed $10,000 but claims for more than $10,000 account for 60% of expenditures.  Controlling these costs is a big deal!

Let’s face it, everyone puts off going to the doctor – and it can catch up with us.  We also know that if we manage chronic issues carefully we can avoid bigger problems – and claims – down the line.

The Open Solution™ gives you a solution that will work great for you.  We provide Nurse Case Managers for the continuum of care. Your employees can receive:

  • Preventative consulting
  • Episode Management
  • Health Maintenance consulting
  • Ongoing support and assistance

For employees this could be a whole new world for them.  They don’t have to suffer the usual delays; sitting on hold for the doctor’s office to make a visit, arranging their day around appointments or hanging out in waiting rooms just to get seen for a quick update or checkup or ask a question.

Instead they can check in with their Nurse Case Manager to keep her updated on their condition, get advice or receive monitoring equipment for home use. This approach can help keep symptoms controlled and maintain their lifestyle in the way they want instead of revolving it around the doctor visits for a “hey, everything looks good you can see me again in 4 weeks” type of visit with an astronomical charge attached to it.

Get chronic health issues under control and keep your employees healthy and happy. Click here to access our Financial Analysis to estimate the potential savings you could have when switching to The Open Solution™