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Are You Tired of Worrying About PPO Networks?

Are you tired of worrying about PPO networks and whether your employees’ doctors are a part of it?  Are you afraid to change insurance companies because they use a different network?  Do you really want to be in the position of making caregiver decisions for other people?  What if you could do away with this nonsense once and for all?

PPO network restrictions could become a thing of the past for you and your employees and what a cause for celebration!  One of the biggest frustrations you have as a plan sponsor is the rising costs of premiums and the lack of choice for your employees.  They are forced to go to providers they may not be comfortable with just to avoid out of network penalties.  In fact in order to get lower premiums you may be forced to accept smaller and more limited provider networks.

You should be able to choose the best provider that you are most comfortable with and The Open Solution™ makes it possible to do just that … in fact while saving you money!

  • Have unlimited access to providers with no network requirements
  • No penalties while out of network – use any facility – Open Access
  • See any provider you choose – use any facility in state or out of state
  • Intelligent customized plan designs

Are you like most employers who find that one of your largest budget items is providing health care benefits to your employees?

Wish you had some control of your health plan costs?  Looking for a reduction in costs so your cash flow revives itself?

The Open Solution™ will save you money and increase your benefits – win – win for everyone!

Ready to break down the fences and end PPO network restrictions to your organization?  Click here to access our Financial Analysis to estimate the potential savings you could have when switching to The Open Solution™