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Five Initiatives TPA’s Should be Dealing with for Employers

Five Initiatives TPA’s Should be Dealing with for Employers as a Result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Top Concerns Registered by Employers Since Nov. 2012

  • Understanding Options Open to Employers to “Optimize” Benefit Plan Design under the ACA. Many Employers Believe Pay or Play are the Only Options. Mandates are effective 1-°©-1-°©-14.
  • Rules on “look back” Period to Determine Benefit Eligibility for Seasonal, Part-°©-time and Variable hour employees. Has Your Company’s “look back” already begun or established?
  • Transitional Reinsurance Cost, Calculation, and Payment Method. All of which the TPA is Responsible to Administer and Remit.
  • Rules for Employers with Fiscal Plan Years (other than calendar year) with Section 125 plans on How to Treat Mid-°©-Year Transfers into Exchanges or New Elections.
  • Calculation Methods for Government Subsidies for those with Household Income between 100% -°©-400% of the Federal Poverty Level. TPA’s who have Developed Plans with a Forward Thinking Census Can Offer Employers Measurable Savings.

Watch for MBA’s tips on mastering the affects of the ACA over the next
year as we are committed to being among the best resource of self-funded solutions in the western United States. Call us if you have
questions or if you find yourself cramming for renewals or plan designs that need improvements to withstand the new rules.

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