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Health Care Insurance Expert Phyllis Merrill Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Co-Author New Book


Phyllis Merrill will team with Brian Tracy and several leading experts from various industries to release the new book, “UNcommon” by CelebrityPress.

Salt Lake City, UT – January 14, 2015 – Phyllis Merrill, Founder of The Open Solution™, has joined a select group of business experts and entrepreneurs from around the world, along with best-selling author and business development expert Brian Tracy, to co-write the forthcoming book titled, UNcommon: Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge from ​Today’s ​Leading ​Entrepreneurs and ​P​rofessionals to ​Help ​You ​L​ead an ​Extraordinary ​Life of ​Health, ​Wealth and ​Success. Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., the leading agents to Celebrity Experts® worldwide, recently signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress™ imprint.

The Open Solution™ was developed by Phyllis in 2012. The Open Solution™ is the synthesis of multiple cost-containment strategies and was developed specifically to serve organizations with 100-5000 employees. She leads an experienced team, which provides medical plan administration, medical, case management and cost containment specialists.

Phyllis is driven and energetic and brings a different type of intelligence to the challenges of health care insurance. She is passionate about bringing cost transparency to the payment of medical claims, empowering organizations and consumers to take control of their medical care, paying only fair and reasonable prices.

Her long history in the health plan administration world has allowed her to clearly identify the flaws, abuses  and the egregious pricing tactics of hospitals and other providers.  She is a strong and passionate advocate for bringing transparency to business owners in the area of employee benefits.

A portion of the royalties earned from UNcommon! will be donated to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.

UNcommon: Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge from ​Today’s ​Leading ​Entrepreneurs and ​P​rofessionals to ​Help ​You ​Lead an ​Extraordinary ​Life of ​Health, ​Wealth and ​Success is tentatively scheduled for release in Summer 2015.

More About Phyllis Merrill:

PhyllisPhyllis Merrill has been active in the health insurance administration arena for 30 years. She is the co-owner and CEO of MBA Benefits Administrator  founded in 1987. MBA, as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) has experience in the administration of all types of benefit plans with an emphasis on partially self-funded group health insurance plans and serves a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

MBA’s unique expertise is the implementation of multiple, high-powered cost containment strategies with proven track records of success. These strategies go far beyond the usual self-funding plan and wellness program. Effective plan design, real long-term savings and superior customer service means clients of MBA stay around. The loyalty/persistency rate for MBA clients is more than a decade.

In 1992 Phyllis founded Critique, Inc., a medical management, cost containment and patient advocacy service. Critique brings a level of transparency to patient care that has shown to substantially reduce costs of healthcare for participating organizations and their employees. Critique’s nurse coaches’ interactions with employees who are faced with chronic health challenges is a highly effective health promotion approach. Engaging health issues early reduces and prevents costly hospital care down the road.

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