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The only solution is the Open Solution

Health premiums have risen 97% in the past ten years.

For most companies, medical costs are the second largest budgetary expense, next to payroll. That is more than advertising, production, inventory, research and development, building space. You name it. The cost for health insurance is also rising fast than salaries.

Are healthcare premiums squeezing your cash flow?

That nice cash cushion you created through hard work and innovation seems to be dripping through the cracks with regulations for a bigger plan with more benefits, and more participants. Less cash flow means leaner budgets, fewer staff members and more stress.

Are your employee’s checkbooks also feeling the pinch?

Employees are facing higher deductibles and co-pays. Did you know medical bills rank as the number one reason for bankruptcy in 2013? It is estimated that 20% of working Americans will struggle with paying for healthcare related expenses this year.

If rising healthcare costs, decreasing cash-flow, out of pocket expenses for your employees concerns you, then we are here to offer a solution of hope.

The Open Solution™ is an innovative and strategic program that offers self funded insurance plans for groups of 100 or more. Our clients typically experience a decrease in their premiums, by as much as 25%! Because of our CostPlus claims payment structure we dramatically reduce payouts on medical services, typically between 59-73% In fact one of our members came into this world as a preemie, just a few months ago. The total claim for her care came in at $1.3 million dollars. With MBA’s new Open Solution, we paid it out at a mere $180,000. That is a huge savings!

Don’t hesitate to contact our office to learn more about this amazing new product! It is changing the healthcare experience for many of our members, and also for the administration that pays for and manages their benefits.

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