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Salt Lake City, UT – Phyllis Merrill, CEO of MBA Benefit Administrators and founder of The Open SolutionTM recently appeared on, “Success Today,” hosted by Bob Guiney, and will air across the nation on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox.

With rampant changes in the healthcare industry over the past 30 years, she recognizes that, “not all reform is positive for employers. Phyllis Merrill is passionate about bringing savings to her clients. “Anytime you can build the economy of an employer, you are building the economy of the United States.”

The Open Solution™ was developed in 2013 after fine tuning innovative methodology for cost reduction over a ten year period. The program utilizing three methods for saving money. First, The Open Solution™ eliminates network requirements. Members can see the doctor of the choice. Businesses need not worry about state lines, or multiple business locations across the country. Second, an in-house medical management team provides support to members with catastrophic injury or illness. Third, we utilize a unique auditing and claims repricing method that slashes the price we pay out on medical invoices. On average new clients are paying 25% less than their previous year’s plan. Phyllis says, “Our clients are over the moon!”

Guiney wonders, “The Open Solution™ seems like a no brainer, why haven’t people done this before? I love that you have thought about it.”

“The methodology behind The Open Solution™ hasn’t been around for very long, we are really cutting edge,” says Merrill. “It is my hope that employers realize there is a different way to create savings for group health plans. We want to help stop rate increases for the employer and the employee, and worse, the decrease in benefits that is going on.”

Phyllis Merrill has proven herself a thought leader in the medical benefit industry. She is unimaginably intelligent, well versed in the legislation, regulation and mandates of the healthcare laws, and passionate about saving money. She is not afraid to go up against the big boys of insurance with her innovative, cost containing approach to medical benefits. She works tirelessly as an advocate for her clients, and spends time educating, collaborating and teaching decision makers from all walks of life regarding health medical benefits, including; government regulators, business owners, and community leaders.

MBA, Managed Benefit Administrators, Inc, founded in 1987, is a Third Party Administrator in Murray, UT that provides a boutique of benefit administration services to clients 100 lives +, across the United States. MBA works with Critique, Inc. for utilization review and medical management for premium care and maximum client savings.

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