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The Open Solution Transforms Healthcare Options For Businesses

MBA has been managing group health insurance for more than 30 years. In that time, medical technology, scientific research and community lifestyle trends have impacted both the onset and treatment of illnesses. Government regulations have transformed the way healthcare is managed and provided.  Through all of that MBA has created innovative, systematic approach to promoting health in the workplace, managing medical cases in the events of illness or accident, and stands as a deflector to egregious costs.

The Open Solution™ by MBA offers innovation, expertise and a whole arsenal of products designed to save the company money and shield the decision makers in the case of a medical catastrophe, and to provide your employees choices and support for their health and medical care.

The Open Solution™ can change your organization’s health insurance and cash flow future:

  • Save up to 25% on monthly premiums.
  • Save up to 68.3% or more off claims billed charges with our Cost Plus strategy.
  • Enjoy open access – there are no network requirements, so you can see any medical provider and use any facility.
  • Eliminate network issues for organizations with multi-state divisions.
  • Give employees with chronic health issues high quality medical support to reduce and eliminate avoidable claims.

Here are just a few examples of the power of innovation provided by MBA. And you thought healthcare was just a necessary exorbitant budget item.

  • Experienced a 60% Savings On Claims
    Automotive Business in North Carolina – Has not seen an increase in premiums since beginning on the plan. Hospital and health facilities have accepted dramatically reduced payments for services based on CostPlus™ formula. They have experienced a 60% savings on claims.
  • Additional 15% Savings
    Retirement Community – Care center with multiple locations insuring 350 employees already using a partially self-funded arrangement. By applying the CostPlus™ model the company has enjoyed an additional 15% savings.
  • Offers High Quality Coverage and Is Able To Retain Employees
    Small Manufacturing Company – Utah company with 80 employees was on the verge of abandoning it’s fully insured group health plan due to repeated annual increases. The adoption of The Open Solution™ has allowed the company to offer high quality coverage and retain employees.
  • 40% Savings The First Year
    Home Furnishings Company – Experienced a 40% savings the first year after implementing new plan ($2.5M reduction on previous $6M expense). With 180 stores in five states the company’s 1800 employees are free of PPO network restrictions.  Eliminating the burden of assembling a multi-state network has greatly simplified the plan and reduced costs. CostPlus™ savings example: Reduced $140K hospital bill to $12K – a savings of more than 90%.
  • Cost Savings Expected to Exceed 25% Annually
    Utah Call Center – Insuring nearly 100 employees the company switched to The Open Solution™ from a fully insured plan. Medical cost savings are expected to exceed 25%.
  • Successfully Reduced Dialysis Treatment Costs By 80%
    Large Western Tribe – The tribe has many members who suffer from severe diabetes and require regular dialysis. The Open Solution™ Plan has successfully reduced dialysis treatments costs by 80%, with savings totaling millions of dollars.
  • Set Aside More Than $400,000 In Their Medical Account
    Multi-State Consumer Finance Company – The plan was adopted over the objection of the insurance broker who was skeptical of The Open Solution’s™ approach to claims pricing. Since then the company has been able to set aside more than $400,000 in their medical account which would not have been possible previously. The broker is now a believer!
  • Reduced dialysis treatment from $10,000 to $975
    Texas Service Company – Dropped Blue Cross PPO and reduced premiums by 68%. Additional savings allows the company to provide free vision, dental and life insurance and establish a free medical clinic on-site for employees and their dependents.
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