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Introducing PRxBid

Combining our “lowest total cost” philosophy with the power of internet bidding. Valued Health Partners is proud to partner with PRxBid for our member’s prescription deliveries. Learn more about their services here! Have questions about your benefits? Call us at 1-800-877-3727.

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PRxBid is a new alternative to the traditional pharmacy, connecting pharmacies across the country to compete against one another on individual member prescriptions. Through an internet bidding portal on the Partners Rx web site, plan members can enter a prescription, review competitive bids including therapeutic alternatives, and then simply pick the lowest price. All in one easy transaction with savings of up to 85%. Getting the lowest price on prescription drugs has never been this easy.

And it’s only available from Partners Rx.

Why should benefit sponsors provide PRxBid for their plan members?

  • Perfect for plan members with Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDH) or Health Savings Accounts HSA’s. Helping them to stretch their deductible even further by letting them have more control over what they pay for prescription drugs.
  • Lowers the benefit sponsors overall cost of their health benefit by motivating plan members to choose lower cost prescriptions with savings of up to 85%.
  • Offers plan members a new way to save, while still giving them the freedom to use a traditional pharmacy when the need arises. Choosing the most appropriate pharmacy option that works best for each individual prescription purchase.
  • Provides plan members with the opportunity to learn more about their prescription costs by showing them available therapeutic alternatives with dramatically lower prices.
  • Provides a number of benefit design options to help motivate plan member behavior.
  • Provides a way for plan members to engage with their doctor or pharmacist by evaluating therapeutic alternatives together on the members confidential PRxBid site.

How does PRxBid work?

Plan members will receive a new Partners Rx prescription benefit card with the added PRxBid logo on the front. This provides access to their prescription benefit in two ways:

  • Option 1: Plan members sign on to and click on the PRxBid link. After entering their prescription, low cost options will instantly appear on screen. These have been provided by PRxBid participating pharmacies in their neighborhood and from across the nation. Therapeutic alternatives may be one of these low cost options, providing even more dramatic cost savings. In addition, pharmacies can continue to compete against one another for up to three days to improve their bid.
  • Option 2: Plan members with an immediate need to fill their prescription can continue to present their Partners Rx prescription benefit card at any one of their 60,000 convenient network pharmacies.

PRxBid Cost Comparison

Combining PRxBid and therapuetic alternatives equals dramatic savings

Savings Using PRxBid
Choose Prilosec OTC® for $22 vs. Aciphex® for $172 = $150 savings
Choose lowest PRxBid pharmacy bid for $9.13 = $12.87 savings
Total PRxBid Savings = $162.87

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