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Medical Tourism Provides 5 Star Service for a 2 Star Price.

By Sarah Johnson

If you were in need of hip replacement, would you be willing to receive $8,000 to undergo the operation in a high quality international hospital? Not to mention the $2,200 out of pocket that you kept by avoiding a co-pay and a deductible.

This question almost sounds ludicrous in a world of exorbitant medical costs, however, at MBA, we have partnered with one of the world’s premier medical tourism companies, which provides the highest rated medical care options, while cutting Payor costs by as much as 40-80%.


Currently 74 surgical procedures are offered to patients in highly acclaimed international hospitals around the world, in countries such as Canada, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand or Turkey. Often savings are so dramatic for your employer, that he actually shares the savings with you, hence, for the hip replacement surgery patient, a whole knee and a happy $10k in your pocket. Many employers will pay an additional incentive on top of that. Some give paid time off, others have given gift cards.

MBA provides a 100% medical benefit for plans participating with our world medical network. This means you can have your knee replaced, or an open heart surgery with no co-pay, no deductible, and no hidden charges.

In the United States a heart bypass surgery can cost as much as $60,000. Your investment into your heart runs, on average, $2,200, and your insurance’s cost is $57,000.  (For those people whose employer has a self funded plan, this $57,000 comes right out of their pocket.) Opting to have the same procedure done by a highly qualified international physician, dramatically lowers the cost for the surgery to just $21,000.

With top rated hospitals and doctors providing medical service, according to United State’s standards, you can travel to and enjoy 4 star accommodations during your stay. Travel costs, including air fare and hotel, for you and a companion are included.

At MBA we are striving to manage medical benefits in a way that exceeds expectations. We continue to provide out of the box solutions to help keep costs low, without compromising the best possible outcome. We invite you to consider the option of medical tourism. Your bank account, your employer and your body will thank you.

  • 100% medical benefits including travel, you pay no deductible, no co-insurance.
  • Travel for you, (as patient) and your partner, includes all travel and necessary coordination, international 4-star hotels, all paid for at 100% by the group medical plan.
  • A $500 incidental debit card is included; personal expenses relative to your medical travel.  Additionally, a bonus of $1,000 for using the world medical network through MBA may be provided by your employer.
  • Assigned 24/7 coordinator/concierge service is included for your plan.
  • You may choose one of the available hospitals appropriate to your surgical/medical needs and desired location.
  • World-Class International Centers of Excellence & Board Certified physicians – US/UK or equivalent training.
  • Comprised of over 30 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals; (Recognizable names like; John Hopkins Medical, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard International, Sloan Kettering, Columbia University, Cornel Medical Center, NY Presbyterian Hospital).
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